Ask your neighbors

Dr. Hlavaty has treated thousands of patients over his 20 years in practice. Chances are a few of them are your neighbors or acquaintances. Ask them about their experience in our office and ask them to smile!

We are the best

Dr. Hlavaty truly cares about his patients, and guarantees you will be happy with your treatment! He is firmly committed to quality orthodontics and spends extra time making sure every detail of your treatment is attended to. Much of today’s orthodontic marketing is done by the manufacturers of braces and clear aligners with their focus on “faster” treatments or “straight teeth with no braces”. While “fast” and “clear” are nice, they are not always best. We treat as fast as your body’s physiology will safely allow and use clear aligners when indicated, Dr. Hlavaty is committed to beautiful, long-lasting, and quality orthodontics.

Orthodontist or General Dentist?

*Some people will seek orthodontic treatment from a general dentist because it is cheaper. Remember: You get what you pay for! These quotes will usually be less because a general dentist has taken an online course or two…they don’t have the same training and expertise. An Orthodontist has completed at least 2 years of residency training. Would you go to your primary care physician for knee surgery? If you want the best possible, long-lasting, and most aesthetic treatment, see an orthodontic specialist. Dr. Hlavaty will educate you regarding the pros and cons of each treatment option and then tailor a treatment plan specific to you in order for you to receive the best result possible. Dr. Hlavaty has seen many patients over the years come to him for second opinions after they have been in treatment from a discount office because they are not happy with their results. We guarantee you will love your new smile!

We Value your input

Your goals and concerns are always of interest to us and important in developing a treatment plan. Every patient and treatment plan are unique. We listen.

Treatment time

Treatment times vary from a two to six months for minor treatment to 10 to 24 months for comprehensive treatment. The average comprehensive treatment time in our office in 16 months.

Flexible hours

We treat patients from northern Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and beyond in our Logan office. We can accommodate most schedules for school, work, etc. in order to make timing of appointments work for you.

Our staff

“Treat others as you would want to be treated.” That is our goal. Our front office and chair side staff love what they do. The average staff member has been working at Hlavaty Orthodontics for over 8 years. They are well educated, take a genuine interest in our patients, and want you to be happy with your treatment outcome and overall experience.

We are always available

Accidents happen outside of normal business hours. There is always a contact number on our answering machine for after hours problems.

Competitive pricing

Our fees are based on treatment complexity and treatment time. A patient who needs treatment for one year will pay less than someone who needs treatment for two years. A patient with a simple treatment will pay less than the one who has a complex treatment. By having a consultation, we can tell you exactly what your treatment options are and what the cost of your treatment will be.

There are many options for payment from discounts for full payment to no interest payment plans. The payment options are flexible and varied.

Family discounts

We are grateful when we see multiple patients from the same family. It means you are happy with your or your child’s smile and the over all office experience. We in turn say “thank you” by reducing the treatment fees of the next members of your family needing treatment. The discounts vary of course, but average around $150.

One office location

Most orthodontists have multiple office locations. We have one. Why is that important? The typical orthodontist has 1 or two “satellite offices” in addition to their main location. We have chosen to offer our services in one location for many reasons. First and foremost is quality and length of care. We treat all of our patients with the same “A team” staff with the same cutting edge equipment and instrumentation EVERY appointment. That may mean that you must travel further for your appointments, we compensate for that by being flexible with our scheduling even if it means meeting you in the evening or on a weekend.


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