Some Thoughts on the corona virus from Dr. Hlavaty:

By now I think all of us are aware of the sobering statistics regarding the Corona virus being discussed in the media. I think it is important to understand several things regarding the virus and what we can do as patients and staff at Hlavaty Orthodontics to keep us all healthy.

  • The Corona virus is spread in the same way as other corona viruses (the common cold or flu). Coughing or sneezing of an infected individual that puts virus particles in the air or on a surface that we then come in contact with.
  • Our standard office disinfecting protocols are the same protocols that the Centers for Disease Control and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend and we will continue to maintain those high standards.
  • It will be extremely important going forward that if a patient is sick or someone in their family is sick that we reschedule that patient until everyone is feeling better.
  • Many of our patients have siblings that love to come to our office while their brother or sister is being treated. I realize that it will be an inconvenience to some families, but I think it would be best to leave the non-patient kids at home or in the car. This will minimize the number of people in the office and reduce the risk to all of us.
  • We as a staff will be sure to stay at home if any of us are not feeling well.
  • And finally let’s be smart. I think it is EXTREMELY important to not overreact to this. Our patient population is young and healthy and is the least at risk for significant complications from the Corona virus.

The Center for Disease Control has listed some common sense guidelines that we would all be wise to follow. The link is below.

Thank you all for trusting us to take care of your orthodontic needs. The relationships we have developed with all of you are dear to us. My Dad taught me to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Reality ends up being somewhere in the middle.”

I think that’s great advice for all of us.
R. Scott Hlavaty DMD, MS

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